16th IGAC Conference Postponed to 12-16 September 2021

Dear IGAC Community –

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that has reached every corner of the world, we believe it will be impossible to hold the 2020 16th IGAC Science Conference during the original dates 14-18 September 2020. Therefore, in consultation with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the Scientific Program Committee (SPC), we have decided to postpone the 16th IGAC Science Conference to 12-16 September 2021. The Manchester LOC has kindly agreed to host the conference in 2021, so the location will remain the same. Therefore, we will all be able to come together in Manchester as a community, one  year later than originally planned. We want to thank everyone that submitted an abstract by the 27 March 2020 deadline. It demonstrated to IGAC that even during these difficult times, the IGAC community is still eager to come together, share science, and build international collaborations.

There are several implications regarding the 16th IGAC Science Conference occurring in 2021 that we are still working out. Some of these are:

· The 2020 IGAC Early Career Short Course (ECSC) will also be postponed and will take place 9-11 September 2021 in Manchester, UK. At this time IGAC is assessing how it will move forward regarding the review of the applications it has received thus far, whether more applications will be accepted at a later date, how the definition of an early career scientist may change, etc. Please watch for further announcements regarding the ECSC later this spring/summer.

· The abstract submission system will be reopened to allow for the current abstracts that have been submitted to be edited or withdrawn and to allow for new abstract submissions. The SPC is assessing the timeline for when the abstract submission system will reopen and the new deadline for submitting an abstract. The description of the scientific program may also be slightly modified to include some of the research that will likely result due to the pandemic. Please watch for further announcements regarding abstract submissions and updates to the scientific program later this spring/summer.

· IGAC and our partner organization, the international Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (iCACGP), have been in close contact and will continue to work together on how best to serve the international atmospheric chemistry community. IGAC and iCACGP have discussed the implications of moving the 16th IGAC Science Conference to 2021 and what it means for the 2022 International Atmospheric Chemistry Conference (jointly sponsored by the 15th Quadrennial iCACGP Symposium and the 17th IGAC Science Conference). iCACGP and IGAC have decided to move the joint conference to 2023 and subsequent IGAC Science Conferences and iCACGP Quadrennial Symposia will occur on odd years. Therefore, iCACGP and IGAC will be soliciting bids to host the 2023 International Atmospheric Chemistry Conference. The new deadline for bid solicitations is 26 February 2021. An updated bid announcement will be posted on igacproject.org.

We understand there are likely to be many questions from the community regarding these decisions. Therefore, we have set up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page at igacproject.org/FAQ. If you have a question that is not addressed on the FAQ page, please send it to info@igacproject.org. We will continue to update the FAQ page as we receive questions.

We realize that many of you or your loved ones are suffering at this time and some of you will have lost people who are dear to you, our thoughts are most definitely with you all.  Please ensure that you take every possible precaution.




16th IGAC Science Conference Manchester LOC

16th IGAC Science Conference SPC


Welcome to the website of the 16th International IGAC Conference, which will take place from 14th to 18th September 2020 with registration available and an Icebreaker taking place on Sunday 13th September.

We are delighted to host the IGAC 2020 Science Conference in Manchester.  IGAC is the leading global atmospheric chemistry conference.  It is run biannually and attracts approximately 600 international scientists, industry leaders, and early career researchers from around the world and includes many leading funding agencies.  

The Scientific Steering Committee has developed an exciting programme that spans air pollution to global change and links fundamental research to policy development, interfacing atmospheric science with wider biogeochemistry of the Earth System.  The conference follows the strong tradition of previous IGAC conferences, not only highlighting cutting edge scientific research in atmospheric chemistry, but also fostering international collaborations, and highlighting scientists and their research from developing and emerging regions.  As in previous years, the IGAC Science Conference encourages early career scientists and makes every effort to showcase their science.  We have an exciting early career programme to develop the next generation of leaders in our field and also to foster their interaction within and across our community.

We are delighted to welcome you to Manchester, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and now a vibrant, multi-cultural modern city with easy access to some of the best countryside in the UK.  The atmospheric chemistry community from across our region welcomes you to the UK.  

We greatly looking forward to seeing you in Manchester in September.

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